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Services & Training


Our primary expertise is in the area of tumour biology, but we have also interacted closely with groups applying optical imaging approaches to assess inflammatory responses in vivo and PET FDG to assess cardiac glucose metabolism.  We have an interest in applying our in vivo imaging technologies in other therapeutic areas via collaborative interactions with experts in these fields, particularly in relation to the use of imaging for stem cell tracking and evaluation of drug responses.

Our main mode of interaction with research groups is via collaborative projects.   Each collaboration begins with initial feasibility discussions.

We operate a not-for-profit access model, where we solely focus on cost recovery for staff, consumable and warranty charges. We can also assist in the licensing and ethical approval process but these incur additional charges.

Provision of training

Training can be provided on this technology platform on a study-by-study basis, taking on board the relevant technical background of the trainee. Interested users should also note that this type of work requires considerable advance planning to ensure licensing and ethical approval issues are appropriately dealt with.  Users can become competent with the IVIS Spectrum and Living Image software relatively quickly however nuclear and CT imaging may require more extensive support and/or training.  Requirements are determined on a case by case basis.  In addition with nuclear and CT imaging there are radiation safety training requirements.  As such, contact well in advance of planned studies is recommended.