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2013-03-04: Awards for CBT scientists at IACR 2013

Several members of the CBT lab were awarded prizes for their research at the 2013 Irish Association of Cancer Research meeting, held in Santry on February 27th to March 1st 2013. PhD students, Patrick O’Leary and Laoighse Mulrane, both won prizes for the best proffered paper in their respective categories, whilst Dr. Sudipto Das was selected to present at the EACR Young Scientist talks. The Irish Association for Cancer Research is an All-Ireland non-profit organisation for cancer researchers that promote the exchange of ideas among researchers from different disciplines with the common goal of ultimately reducing the burden of cancer in society.

Patrick O’Leary was awarded the ‘Beatson Medal’, an Breast Cancer Ireland sponsored award for the best proffered paper at the IACR Breast Cancer Symposium. He presented his work on “THE ANTIOXIDANT ENZYME, PEROXIREDOXIN-1, PROTECTS THE ESTROGEN RECEPTOR AGAINST OXIDATIVE STRESS-INDUCED SUPPRESSION AND IS CORRELATED WITH DIFFERENTIAL OUTCOME OF PATIENTS WITH BREAST CANCER”. Laoighse Mulrane’s presentation was selected as the best proffered paper over the two days of the main conference. Her work, “MIR-187 IS AN INDEPENDENT PROGNOSTIC FACTOR IN BREAST CANCER AND CONFERS INCREASED INVASIVE POTENTIAL IN VITRO”, has recently been published in Clinical Cancer Research (miR187 paper). Both Laoighse’s and Patrick’s work were funded by IRCSET Embark Initiative PhD Fellowships (2008-2011 and 2009-2012, respectively) and also by Science Foundation Ireland under the “Molecular Therapeutics for Cancer Ireland” Strategic Research Cluster (MTCI website). Since joining the CBT lab as a new postdoctoral researcher, Sudipto Das was selected to give a EACR Young Scientist talk where he presented his PhD work on the “MECHANISTIC INTERACTIONS OF MICRORNA AND DNA METHYLATION AND ITS IMPLICATION ON THE CANCER EPIGENOME” which he carried out in Prof. Ray Stalling’s group at RCSI.

Congratulations to all awardees and also the other CBT lab members who were selected to present their work at the conference.