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2013-04-17: RAMI Doctor Awards 2013

Congratulations to Prof. William Gallagher and Dr. Darran O’Connor who were both prize winners at the Royal Academy of Medicine Ireland (RAMI) Doctor Awards (link).

Prof. Gallagher was selected as the winner of the Oncology category with his recent Cancer Research paper:

Proteomic portrait of human breast cancer progression identifies novel prognostic markers

T Geiger, SF Madden, WM Gallagher, J Cox, M Mann. Cancer Res 2012;72:2428-2439 (link)

Dr. Darran O’Connor was winner of the Endocrinology category with his paper:

miR-187 Is an Independent Prognostic Factor in Breast Cancer and Confers Increased Invasive Potential In Vitro

L Mulrane, SF Madden, DJ Brennan, G Gremel, SF McGee, S McNally, F Martin, JP Crown, K Jirstrom, DG Higgins, WM Gallagher, DP O’Connor. Clin Cancer Res 2012;18(24) (link)

l to r: Prof. Thomas N Walsh, Prof. William Gallagher (winner of the Oncology category) and Dr Hakan Granlund of Pfizer Oncology