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Lunaphore Immuno-Oncology Grant Program – 1st Prize goes to Dr. Arman Rahman

The Lunaphore Immuno-Oncology Grant Program has been designed with the intention of helping in the research of immuno-oncology by providing innovative instruments based on a microfluidic technology to perform mIF staining.  Dr. Rahman and Chowdhury Arif Jahangir won 1st prize for a project titled “Exploration of the Interplay between Master Transcriptional Regulators and Immune Cells within the Tumour Microenvironment of Breast Cancer AND Comparison of subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) inflammatory profiles in individuals with and without COVID-19 infection” is a LabSat® Research system.  This system which offers ultra-rapid turnover time for multiplex staining, and will be embedded in the Precision Oncology Ireland tissue imaging platform.